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JPI Presents, Macleay Valley Fashion

The Macleay Valley Fashion

This year we experienced the very first Fashion show in the Macleay!

Jacky Piper Industries created an event that set the benchmark for future shows! From only operating for over a year, Jacky & Leah have initiated an event that diversely encompasses the broader community. We checked in with Jacky & Leah after the show to see how everything played out and what we can expect next year!

Many would know Jacky and her brand but don’t always see the power duo. I caught up with these two amazing women to get the scope of how they pulled such an event off! I met with business owners Leah Hudson and Jacky Piper to hear all things fashion and JPI. Both are true locals to Crescent Head; since they left school, they have had inspiring careers.

About Jacky:
Jacky moved to Newcastle to gain experience in the hair and make-up industry before moving home freelancing and working on creating her own business. Jacky and Leah have known each other since they were young, they are more family than friends. When they both just happened to move back to the Macleay Valley at around the same time the magic began to bubble. …It was no stopping these two after that. Once COVID hit, they brainstormed and created JPI; why they used the word ‘industries’ is spoken about later.
About Leah:
This woman has done everything, from running three different businesses, still to date and raising her beautiful daughter, 2 energetic sons and having 3 fantastic stepchildren in her life. Leah is an incredible woman, and no surprise these two found each other; you can really see their respect for each other and the energy within the salon; they are forever bouncing off one another!


I could keep going about how inspiring these two ladies are but let’s get into why and how they pulled the Macleay Valley Fashion off.



From both growing up in the area, moving away and coming home, they could see the opportunity for creative minded people was lacking drastically. They felt a strong need to offer the young people of the Macleay a way to express themselves and show their potential and drive.

The Fashion show allows the younger generation to experience what the creative minds of the Valley has to offer. Although there are some opportunities in the schools, real-life experience is lacking in our area, and JPI could change that.

I agree there weren’t as many opportunities for creative minds, nor many opportunities for young people to spread their wings in any industries in our area. To have two passionate locals wanting to make a difference is inspiring for many to get busy and try to make a difference for our region’s future generations.

I believe the town will benefit significantly with JPI striving to create opportunities and upskill local talent.

Opening this space for the younger generation and giving them a platform is one of the major aspects of why they decided to go into business. They are very proud of what they have created. They will continue to improve and aim to attract industry idols to our area to encourage all generations of locals to follow their dreams.

How did the Macleay fashion come about?!

When creating JPI, they didn’t want to limit their opportunities; therefore, the phrase ‘Industries’ was incorporated into the business name. The term industries meant they could expand into other realms of the creative arts world when the time came.

As all great ideas are started, the fashion show was formed while chatting away in the salon. At the same time, they pampered their clients in foils, all bouncing ideas off each other the FASHION SHOW was intensely considered. They both wanted an event involving as many local businesses as possible. Something that would support not only their business but all different businesses from make-up to hospitality. Macleay Valley Fashion. A fashion show would require a high collaboration from various artists, business owners, students, or anyone enthusiastic.

Chris King, renowned makeup artist was the first person that Leah and Jacky contacted, they knew to pull something this big off they would need his experience. Little did they know that Chris had also been thinking that something like this was needed in the Macleay Valley. With his global industry experience drive and the know the 3 became a team and the dream became a reality.

And why not a fashion show?!

First job: Get the feelers from local business owners……. without any hesitation Rawspice, Beaux Laidy, Harley and Rose, Kahana And Moku and Mokea were on board.! Really who could say no to two keen locals wanting to create a memorable event for our community…

Next the team contacted local artists Jason and Roxanne Ridgeway from Blackboycreations and Carly Marchment and designers Karina Brien, Emily Clarke, Joel Agostini, Mary Walker, Willow Miles and Nancy Pattison and arranged a meeting to see if they could set up a collaboration between artists and designers. The meeting was a success, and everyone involved was exploding with ideas from wearable art to up cycling designs. This was the beginning of the magic that walked down the catwalk on the night.


The Night

Surprisingly, the night ran smoothly and was calm and collected behind the scenes. I suppose with Chris’s experience and the training the models undertook from the fabulous Tione Hawkins they were ready to smash the catwalk and get to the after-party! After the hectic 12 weeks, the team deserved a couple bubbles to celebrate all the hard work!

Chris, Leah and Jacky could not speak more highly of the fabulous models that strutted down the catwalk. The three are visibly very proud of everyone.

I don’t think many words can explain how successful the night was, only pictures. Visit @MacleayValleyFashion to view all the artwork, models, and faces behind the event! It was fantastic to see artists incorporate the beautiful culture we are surrounded by in the Macleay.


Congratulations to the team!

Jacky, Leah & Chris.


What a fantastic night you pulled off! The models, artist, and the whole collaboration was brilliant. All the models that walked the runway were local that had never thought they would be able to work such an event within our area. What an excellent experience for everyone. The artists were so excited, and many were given the inspiration to get back into creating and pushing creative arts in the area.

I can see many unique events in the pipeline from these three; 2022 Macleay Valley Fashion was just the start. Stay tuned to Jacky Piper Industries; as we know, this is only the first year of business for the ladies!

Without giving away too much for 2023, I think it’s safe to say it will be “Bigger & Better”, and they will allow more than 12 weeks to organise it this time!

In the mean time find them at:
0431 767 741 


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