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The Lawrence Kids

The Lawrence Kids

The Lawrence Kids are on a vital mission: raising awareness and funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

This year, Brooklyn and fellow advocates took their cause to the heart of the nation, visiting Canberra to spotlight a critical issue with the N2Y  Movement: bowel cancer doesn’t discriminate by age. In a series of impactful meetings and events, they engaged with policymakers, urging them to prioritise essential changes to combat early-onset bowel cancer. The main focus points on the #CallOnCanberra agenda were as outlined by Bowel Cancer Australia:

The Lawrence Kids N2Y Movement
The Lawrence Kids N2Y Movement

+ Greater awareness: among the community and health professionals of early-onset bowel cancer.
+ Lower screening age: in response to the increasing rates of bowel cancer in younger people.
+ Prompt GP referral: to a colonoscopy for all younger people who present with symptoms that may be consistent with bowel cancer.
+ Improved pathways: that ensure timely triage, diagnosis and treatment for younger people.
+ Better understanding: the challenges of early-onset bowel cancer to improve and tailor treatment, support and care for younger patients.
+ Further research: into the causes of early-onset bowel cancer, that has the potential to improve survival and/or help build a path toward a cure

Their passionate advocacy serves as a powerful reminder that this disease can affect anyone, and early detection is crucial. 

Please visit Bowel Cancer Australia to read more.

We couldn’t be more proud of the Lawrence Family and the waves they are creating. Their story resonates deeply with us at RSL Club, as we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside three of the four siblings.

Join Brooklyn and the Lawrence Kids in their fight—together, we can make a difference and save lives.

Annual bake sale is this Saturday at the Kempsey Netball Courts! 

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